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OK here is my dilema, I am on vacation my electric fan took a shit and I had a corvette style air intake with the 2 cones one on each side. My sister was able to go to my house and salvage my stock fan, but I cant run my vette intake with the stock fan because it hits the fan.. I tried to do get some 3" pvc from a hardware store and make something but it still seems to hit stock fan with the 3" elbow right off the throttle body. There is a Pep Boys close and they can get me the airraid tube for $135 and have it in 3 days the part # is 200912 I'm not sure if that would work
FYI truck is a 99' w/ 4.8l channeled so clearance is a little bit of a factor
any help would be great!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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