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Without a doubt, my AC compressor is shot.
I drive a 2000 Chevy Silverado 4.3L V6. It has roughly 188,XXX miles.
I am most likely going to get it fixed by a guy in town who is an experienced mechanic at a large Chevrolet dealership. Anyways, I was just hoping someone could provide me with some more info regarding how much this may cost and possibly other potential problems I may face in the future.

Here's a pic of it, what I am assuming to be the A/C compressor :shrug:

MORE INFO: I was pulling away from a stop light and I notice the battery sign appears on the message screen. Immediately the gas cuts out and there's no brake pressure. Once stopped I put the truck in park and turn it on again. It starts up fine, no weird noise, so I pull away without any issues. I continue down the road and start to smell something smoky. I can't see any smoke coming from my hood so wasn't sure if it was another car or me. I check the temp gauge and it's normal temp. I drive about 2 miles before I safely pull over. Truck is still on and A/C is on, I open the hood and the A/C compressor is smoking. So I turn off the truck and assess the damage. I start the truck back up with the A/C OFF this time and it runs fine. The damaged and loose plate is rubbing against the metal that rotates with the belt causing it to SLOWLY turn whenever the metal makes enough contact. From there I drive home (roughly 3 miles)with my windows down listening for any noises. Nothing out of the ordinary, and the temperature stays normal.

After I popped my hood I noticed my oil fill cap is sitting on my elec box and signs show it has been wedged in there for a while.
Only finger points to the mechanic who changed my oil a few weeks ago and didn't bother to put the cap back on :nono:
Just using logic but I am gonna guess that my oil pressure has just been off due to the cap not being sealed on. Here's a pic I took of the area, it kinda looks damp as if some oil escaped but I'm not really sure. Should I be concerned that I have driven about 1xxx miles without my oil refill cap on?

Well, that's all the questions and time I have for now.
Thanks in advance for any helpful advice,
I came here looking for it, hopefully I will get it.

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