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NEED HELp deciding

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I just put a fleet side bed on my truck and the very next day I got hit, Lucky I dont know. Well it is at my buddies body shop and I have enough insurance money to get the customs classics pan with the single LED lights on each side, The shop will also put the tailight fileers and shave the new tailgate and paint everything for free. Do you think that it will look good or should I just do a regular pan and get some money back.
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A shaved rear for free.

Umm I don't know.

Hell yes do it.
it is not that I need the money at all, I just dont know what people think look better, LED or stock style lights, I like the LED lights but I dont want to do something that looks like shit or is played out,
Almost every one that has a 01 siverado has the same tail lights. Caddy tail are every where also. LEDs are new and look great.
leds look bad ass
ive been thinking the same thing ive got everthing to do caddys with but i like the leds also..
Id go with the LEDs...caddy tails are played out pretty much, some still look good, but everyone does it nowadays...LEDs are clean and simple.
Thank You for all your suggestions, The body shop just called and they have already started to weld my tailight fillers in and are in the process of shaving the tailgate and gas tank door along with the stake pockets. My rll pan with the led lights installed should arrive wednesday. The guy from Custom Classic said the the cut out for the LED would be 1/2 by 13 3/4. He is also sending me the flush mount lenses so when I repaint my truck the color I want in the near future They can flush mount them. Thank You. :head:
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