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Hey guys I need help on what drop my truck is. I bought the truck about 3 months ago and the guy i bought it from sayed its a 2/4 drop but everyone says that the front is lower than a 2 inch drop in front. I took my truck to a wheel guy and he said that i have aftermarket control arms and that the rear has shackles and hangers and not a flip kit or notch. So i was wanted to know if my truck was like a 3/4 or 4/4. I plan on getting a flip kit and notch for it pretty soon.

After i got the truck it was stock so i changed alot of parts on it and added a roll pan and when i did that it raised the rear a 1 1/2" so now it has a really big rake to it.

The tires are 275-45-20

the fender measurements:
front fender to ground is 29 1/2"
front fender to center rim is 16"

rear fender to ground is 32"
rear fender to center of rim is 18"

with bumper and spare tire

without bumper and spare but with roll pan


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