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Need help removing dashboard

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Need some help guys.
Im trying to take off the dashboard on my 01 sierra but im stuck trying to take off the dashboard grab bar (the bar just on top of the AC/heater vents. im using a Haynes Repair Manual and the illustration says: "Through the air duct holes, use a pry tool to push out the ends of the dashboard grab bar". the step by step also says: "through the holes left by the air ducts, push in the clips at each end of the dashboard grab bar and remove the bar". ive tried and tried but no luck pushing the clips or ends of the grab bar.

any suggestions on how to take care of this step would be greatly appreciated.

btw, i wanna take the dashboard off so i can replace a broken DRL sensor. if you know if an easier way to replace it that would help also.

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Look in the vent on each side of the grab bar and there will be a little white plastic piece. Push that in and pull the bar at the same time. You will have to do one side at a time but it will pop out!
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