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Ok, so I would like to do some Cooling/Performance Mods. There are a few different opinions on how to help cool an OBS.

I would like to get a Oil Temp Guage and as I mod, I would like to see the difference. Now is it best get one from Autometer and install another dash Pod (since they don't make them for my truck) or save the space and get a MSD Dash Hawk. I read the description and it plugs into my OBD port (which to mean sounds like a Pretty "Cool" Monitor to read out information from my Orignal System that can be viewed from my Guage Cluster. Now it says I can hook up a WB to it maybe an aftermarket Sensor and wire it to it?

I'm really not a fan of MSD as of late. I bought a used MSD-6AL Box with PnP Harness for my truck. I called MSD to help me wire it and they hung up on me when they found out I acquired second hand.

None the less Autometer has done great by me on all of my vechiles. I've misplaced screws, nipples, gaskets, crushed a cup (one time) and they've sent me them for FREE no questions asked.

I would go with Autometer But that means I would have to most likely buy another A Pillar due to a guage already installed and another pod.

My Cooling mods planned.

E-Fans I have to Compare the CFU's (I think if I recall right from LS1, Sable/Taurus, and from a performance Company such as Perma)
160-T Stat
HD Radiator *Not sure aftermarket or from another vechile
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