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Need help with rear coil over set up.

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Looking to get a 4 link and coil over befor spring.

Need help builting a set up. Not sure of spring rate and shock lenght. I want some thing stiffer than stock spings but not real harsh.
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04sierra said:
Does CE have a website? I was going to go with a 4-link from because they build each 4-link to order. That seems easier than trying to adapt the kp 4-link that was made for bags.
The actual 4-link part of the KP is designed to use weld on bag mounts on the axle or the canti attachment out back that comes with bag mounts. The 4-link itself should be no different than any other to use with coil-overs or bags..customers choice. The biggest advantage is the KP is going to be a bolt-on application, while either bags or coil-overs would need to have brackets welded on the i guess its the same either way you go :D

It definately won't hurt or cause any problems running the KP with coilovers instead of bags though :D
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