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Need help with rear coil over set up.

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Looking to get a 4 link and coil over befor spring.

Need help builting a set up. Not sure of spring rate and shock lenght. I want some thing stiffer than stock spings but not real harsh.
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04sierra said:
How did you guys figure the springrate, shock height, and how much of a drop you would end up with? QUOTE]

Run as long of shock as possible. The formula for the spring rate is corner weight divided by suspension crush = spring rate. For an example, if the rear of your truck weighs 1500 pounds, it is safe to assume each corner weighs 750 pounds. If you run a shock with 6" of travel, and want ride height at half way thru it's travel ( giving 3" of up and down movement ), the equation would be 750 divided by 3 = 250 pound spring rate. Before you start taking the truck apart, go weigh it so you have a baseline to star with.
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