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Need Help???

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I was going to try to put bags on my truck, but i don't think that i am going to be able to afford it. Does n e one kno or a cheap bag kit for a daily driver? Or i am lookin to get a lowering kit, like a 5"front and 6" rear. Does n e kno where to get a full lowering kit at? Thanks
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jboomer said:
aim industries is where i got my lowering kit. there in mesa arizona, they have tons of stuff for lowering and bagging trucks.
:badidea: aim is notorious for crappy offense to jboomer but thats not the safest way to lower your truck. i agree that cheap and bags should not be in the same sentence. a quality bag job using quality products (no aim) will cost you close to 4 grand. if you just want to static drop your truck i would suggest djm suspension. they are one of the top companies along with belltech and a few others...if it was my truck i would get the djm calmax 2 kit which is a 4/6 drop and some doestch tech shocks to smooth things out :D

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Doetsch Tech are good shocks, i like them better then the belltechs i have in the rear of my obs

i want to do a djm 4/6 with some e-brock shocks
from wut i hear the e-brock shocks are really bad a$$

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Etnies1212 said:
Thanks alot ryguy, i think that i am going to go with the djm calmax 2, does that come if the shocks or not?

5.3 Vortec has the DJM LCA for sale in the for sale section on this site for $200. then you could just get the flip kit and some shocks and save your self some money.
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