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Need quick answer

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I know that this is a stupid question and I am sure its on here and I have seen the answer before but when changing out grilles on a chevy do you need new light wiring harness. I am talking about going from the big block lights to the long slinder lights I think it seald beam to the other kind. I got in a wreck back in april and finally getting the work done and was talking to the body shop about it but I just wanted to make sure about changing the out the grilles
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changing out the grilles? Like from obs-nbs? I'm confused
its still the obs style just its just the big square head lights to the more common head lights I am finding alot of oe replacement grilles for real cheap but I am just not sure if those are the ones where you need to customize the bowtie or not and if I would need to change up the wiring harness for the lights
Sealed beam headlight to composite headlights..

The composite headlights have separate bulbs for low and high beams, I don't see how you could do it without changing or at least modifying your headlight harness..
Ya I figuered I would need a different harness and stuff like that looking at the lights I got now but I one real quick question about some of the grilles that I have been looking at on the web would the OE need any adjustment to the bowtie or anything like that cause there are some pretty cheap ones like this one that I found
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