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im going to be coming across a good side job that will be enough to bag my truck ( 2005 rcsb 1500) competely if i buy the following parts
all from suicide doors
four link with panhard
above axle brackets with shock tabs in lowers
8.5 gallon tank
8- 3/8 smc valves
1/2 line
ptc fittings
avs 9 switch
edc compressor
four slam bags
front cups
front shock relocate kit
dual and single gauges with line and fittings

my question is this. i was going to get the kp kit and watts link just because its bolt on and easy to install.
i can weld and do shit like that but this is my first biuld of a truck and bag setup. never done anything like this before.
so how hard is it to line up the four link and get the pinion angle and all that special shit lined up. the four link is the only thing that im concerned about
the front setup and tanks and valves and all that im comfortable with.

ohbtw the truck is already and setup to lay frame on 265/40/22

sorry for the novel. just want some experienced advice on welded rear suspension installs

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make sure you get your transmission crossmember..oh you wont will just see can build one...or have a shop make one for you...but i dont know if they sell them
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