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Need Some Numbers???

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Ok, I am looking to put some clear DRL bulbs in what brand should I go with, what is the part number, and where can I get them?
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4157 if you have a silverado 99+. wal-mart, kragens, autozone, heck even target carries them. Any store that carries auto supplies would carry them. You are talking about the stock "clear" bulbs right?? Not aftermarket hyperwhite bulbs or something?
Yea, I am wanting the Hyperwhite bulbs.
the # is still 4157 for the drls on a 99+ silverado. I don't know where the best place to buy them is though. I had bad luck with the hyperwhite drls on my old 2000 silverado. They heated up so much that they melted into the mounting location for the drls. When I tried pulling one out to replace it, the bulb pulled right out of the plastic part, and everything in there was burnt and melted. I had to buy a whole new drl harness. It sucked.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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