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Need some pics of some rims on 1/2 tons

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I'm having a hard time figuring out what rims I want. I have an 04 GMC 1/2 ton extened cab short box Z71.

I have American Racing AR-136(Venturas) on my Jeep and really like them.

I also like Eagle Alloys 063(5 spokes).

And I like the plain old modular wheels, like the Eagle 058 or American Racing Bajas.

American Racing Pythons, Nitros, Atlas and Neptunes look pretty good. As well as Ultra Claws.

Anyone have pics of there trucks with these rims or others.

Still undecided on tires. I'm looking at BFG ATs, Mickey Thompson Baja MTXs, Cooper S/Ts, Pirelli Scorpain ATs and Big O XTs. Going to stick with 265/75R16.

Any help is appreciated.
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look at my rims in the sig..........they use to be on a z and looked damn good imo

i need a freak!!!
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do you want a new set of rims? i have a set of eagle series 143 ill sell you cheap. they were used on a 2wd and some 40's mounted for one show then tires were taken off and the rims have been sitting my garage for a while
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