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Need suggestions for obs front

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I already have some mirrors lined up. Just some black ones. And I just cant figure out what to do with the front. I love the back but when i look at the front just something doesnt feel right. And help or input would be greatly appreciated.
Thats my dad in the pic btw not me
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get some new lights for sure, if you wanna keep the chrome just get a smoothie front bumper and billet grille, or you can go the color matching way and paint your grille and painted smoothie bumper. if your really want something different try a caddy conversion.
No to the caddy grille and colormatched grill unless somebody could ps it to show me what itd look like. Maybe HIDs?
Might just stick with the new lights. Its not my taste really but maybe its just the butchered obs that run around that make me not like them. But the trucks you posted look good but just not for me :imo
i would get a smoothie bumper, new lights, billet grill and bowtie
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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