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Need tire size help

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Ok, i should be getting my spindles and hangers soon. Right now i've got the lift blocks taken out and 2" belletech drop shackles with my T bars cranked down all the way. my 265/70/17's are a bit big. I was thinking of either a 265/60/17, 265/50/17 or a 255/60/17. Which one of these three would fill the wheel well the best? Or look the best?
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shit i rolled hancook 265/70/17 on my 05rcsb with a 4/6. it rubbed on big bumps in front but filled the wheel wells good. go 265/60/17 and it would look good too. but i wouldnt go smaller
think 255's would be too narrow?

and do you mean nothing smaller than a 60 sidewall?
dont go smaller than a 60 series sidewall and 255 would be fine it would actually help out better if it gets lower in future
my stock tire on my truck was a 245/70/17 just to let you know.
and next winter when its riding bags i will run a 245/60 for the snow
cool man. I appreciate the help.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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