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Needing a ASC sunroof in NorCal and opinions picking shop!

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Sup guys, Ive been debating on a sunroof for my B-Day next month :D I really wanna go with but a brand called halindo or somethin was mentioned to me also......It will be the electric full feature sun/moonroof.I found some places that sell ASC Sunroofs between $1100-$1400 36.5x19 so its a pretty good size one. I think that might be too big :think: lol oh well rather have a nice sized one then small, ya think $1400 is reasonable for that size? Or I can go to where the chevy dealers use and referred me to is $1100 with a 2 year warranty........but its from a stereo shop :think: :anitoof: Everytime I take the low quote I always get jacked and $hit goes wrong :bawl: I called ASC in Los Angeles and they referred me a dealer in Sacramento about a 1-1 1/2 hour drive Heres the link to the shop.....and they even have a letter from ASC to all the local dealers and such Thats the place for $1395+tax :crazy: and a 3 year warranty.....let me know if ya know any installers in Nor Cal or opinions on what I should look for if I go there and what to do! HELP!