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Nelson or Westers????

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Ok, I am trying to make a decision on which performance tune to get. Which tune is better? What kind of power improvements should I expect out of these tunes? My truck is a 04 Sierra 5.3L.
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Nelson hands down :head:
NESLONS tune is badass! I would definatly recommend him. :worship:
Same debate going on over at LS1 truck now. Go with the Nelson!
never heard anything about the westers but i have nelson tune and all i have to say is ooooohhhh rocks my socks off :LOL: :LOL:
I got my Nelson tune in a few days ago and it's nice... :secret:
nelson tune rocks!!!
I went with Allen as he isn't Canadian. LOL j/k I got a great tune from him and am happy with it.
Both are using the same LS1 Edit to tune, and both are very skilled tuners. I went with Nelsons because Allen is local and a standup guy. He offers EXCELENT customer service and I would purchase another tune from him any day of the week. Also Nelson is getting a dyno soon, not sure if westers has that option.
I would go with the nelson tune everyone says that they are the best for the nbs
I have no direct experiance with Westers, im sure they have a great product.

But Allen has gone out of his way for me in the past. His product is excellent, I would recommend a Nelson tune to anyone considering both performance and customer service.
I'm just waiting for Allen to do something for the OBS.
Yeah I was wondering the same thing.....What about the OBS guys??? What should we do??? Hmm....
NESON TUNE for sure. I am sure Westers is a decent tune but you don't hear very much about them. And Allen is an awesome guy to talk to and he is more about his customers being happy with their tunes.
I heard a few good things about westers prob a year, year and a half ago, but havne't heart much(good or bad) about them lately. Ive never heard anyone say anything bad at all about go with a nelson.
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