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New '05 HD??

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I don't know if this has been posted before, but what the heck..

I was driving home from work today, and I saw a new 2500 HD, crew cab 4x4, with 6.6 duramax. Anyway, it was all stock, and it looked really nice. When I pulled up to the side of it I noticed it had a raised hood, just like the older 2001-2002 hd's. The truck still had the '03+ headlights and grille, but the hood was raised up about an inch or two just like the older hd's. It looked really good and beefy. Do you think this was a custom job? or did GM finally get smart and change the hood around so you can tell the difference between the 1/2 and the 3/4 ton trucks?
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I think everyone will come around on the new HD's. I don't think you can say much until you see one in person. I know with the new 03+ silverado front end when I saw pics of it I thought it was ugly as hell, but after seeing it in person it has definitely grown on me and now I love it. Give it time...
Z71mudder said:
Ive seen them in person, I love the new HD hood, looks awesome IMO, but the grille is just nasty and cheap lookin :imo :nono:

I wonder if GMC did anything to their 05 HDs? havent seen any of them on the lot yet...
I doubt they did a new hood, they didn't do one for the 01-02. maybe a new grill
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