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New 22" Velocity 133's with Toyo Proxies in TN

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Hey guys,
I have a set of Velocity 133 wheels with new Toyo proxies tires on my 03 Silverado that I'm looking to move.

I just put them on the truck about a week and a half ago just to have something on the truck for Minitruckin Nats here in Nashville. I gotta represent the shop when I roll :p

Anyway, I just want to move them out, so I'll let them go pretty cheap...

$2350 mounted balanced and ready to put on your ride.
Remember, these are 22's not just yer everyday DUBS

Heres a pic.

You can see em on my truck here:S-10 project pics
Look at number 40... you can see the wheels on the truck.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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