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New Cherry Bomb glasspack quieter..?

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So I just recently replaced my single in dual out Flowmaster 40 series with 2.5" tail pipes to one glasspack with a 2.5" tailpipe and it seems to be quieter than my 40 series. The main goal for this was I wanted my truck to be loud and aggressive, But now it is the total opposite of what I had planed. Any ideas why it got quiter instead of louder? Anything I can do to make it louder? And does anyone have a hollowed cat with a glasspack because I want to know if it is too loud..
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Just wait awhile it will get annoying loud,I have 1 on my Tahoe and it sounded real nice at first but god it is annoying now.After 2yrs it is allmost a straight pipe now.
I'd suggest you try Dynomax Bullet Mufflers instead of a standard glass pac. The glass pac you have will gradually get louder as it breaks itself in...but it's only going to get so much louder. Tons of people have bullets on NBS and OBS so I'm sure someone can key in on that one.
My buddy had a set of cherry bombs on his ford and after a year they sounded like shit. I'd put on a set of stainless ones with stainless packing so they don't blow out and they last.
I have an 18" stainless 3" single in-out right now and it's not bad. I don't have a cat, but it stays queit below 1800 rpm, and when you start romping on it people can hear you for a long ways.
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