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got the truck back in december havent done much with it .. just getting around to it for scrapin the coast coming up so i did a few things before the show ......

the day i bought it

wasnt sure which direction i was gonna go with this so i bought some 23's from a friend and rode on these for a few months

wasnt really feeling the way it looked so sold the wheels and just drove it stock for a few months...

i just got the truck back from my friends paintshop .. with a few new upgrades painted lower valance,painted grill,mirrors,escalade handles and shackled it 2"
i didnt take to many pics yet bc i'm waiting to put the new wheels on

future mods
taking side moldings off
shaved tailgate
roll pan
ss bumper
lowering 4/6 maybe 5/7

thanks for looking! let me know what you guys think

Officially Tucking Tire
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looks better... what size tires are those?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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