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New from florida panhandle

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I have checked this forum out a few times and decided to join finally .

Alittle onfo on me and my truck , my truck is a 93 chevy rcsb bagged on 22's , the story behind this truck is ... A good friend of mine owned this truck for several years then sold it in virginia .

I moved out here to florida last year to be closer to my kid , i was on craigslist not to long ago and this truck was foresale by the guy who bought it off my friend , turns out it's a small world after all .

I called the guy and went straight to his house and bought it , it's been bagged close to 5 or 6 years now , i didnt do the work , i have bagged all the previous vehicles i owned but i had to have this one .

It's got some shotty work but it's held up , i plan to post in the under construction section in the next week or so , i have already started on the body but no ew pics yet shaved stake pockets and handles .

I'm focusing on the suspension next , ordering parts as of now , i plan to ditch the bag over axle and panhard bard for 6 link with watts , it's got a parralell four link already and is done nicely so it's staying , out front it has lowering control arms that still have the spring pocket on them which hits the ground before my k member does , so i'm cutting that out and welding in a plate and redoing the tierod notch and a few other small things .

Anyways i'm new i hope to learn alot on here , this is my hobby i paint cars for a living , but i will make a post with my progress asap .

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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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