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new from Mi

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Hey all I am Dakota an advid GM enthusiast, contractor and firefighter. As well a proud owner of a 2000 Chevy suburban LS with just a few small things done as of yet. She's my everyday driver who works as hard as I do, my plan is to park her soon and start with the extensive mod list I have written up but hey on to the pics!


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18" wheels,35" Tires, 6" Lift, projector headlights, Brush gurad, HD hood, Tow mirrors and some other shit.Now as for the grammar natzi I aplogize im not obsessed with correct punctuation while postinsg from my phone via the full site And just to yank yer chain just a wee bit thankz fir tha inputZ on my lack of periods used in my sentences
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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