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New from VA

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Just thought I'd say hi. Discovered GMFS while looking for grilles for my 92 Silverado. Glad I finally found some forums to help with the mods I want to do.
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you will find this is a very good site with many helpful people
and lets see some pics of the ride
Thanks for the welcome! Here's a pic after I first brought her home. I've removed the tonneau cover and have rally wheels in the garage to go on, but am trying to locate some Corvette style spinner centers to fit before I put 'em on. Planned mods are: tint, Styleline grille, debadge, spray in bedliner, replace all the light fixtures...and so on.

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why did you ditch the tonneau?
It was old and torn. I wanted to be able to just throw stuff in and go. I have a lowered Passat wagon for haulin stuff enclosed.
Welcome to GMFS :head:
Glad you found the site
:drunk: welcome to the party! :haha:
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