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NEW grille and lights are on

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Nothing like Sunday morning working on the truck with a onster hangover. Just threw the new lights and Grille on. It was a pain getting that grille on even after cutting out the honeycomb you have to do a lot of notching. Tell me what you guys think

Painted rear axle, springs etc

Little comparo

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bling bling bro!......looks good!......thats shits gonna gonna be HUGE on those 46's!!...cant wait to see it, my truck is gonna look like a fuckin toy rollin next to yours
i think a regular style billet would have looked better but that one doesnt look bad.
The lights are a matter of opinion...some cleared stockers would have been sufficient IMO

how tall of a ladder did you use to be able to reach to put the grill and lights in?
damn dude all kinds of goodies for you. im not really diggin the grill, id rather see the billet in there but its all good, its your truck
looks badass IMO. its a big bitch. i wanna get my HD hood bad.
you need more lift when you get those new tires
looks good and that honeycomb is tough shit IMO I hated cutting that out
where did you get the headlights?
to much cali
De-cranking a lil tomorrow
Looks good, not a fan of the lights, the size of your truck draws my attention away from them.
cant wait to see those tires on its gunna be so sickk. think some fog lights would finish off front end nicely.
nice improvement and the cali style is lookin good
1 - 20 of 32 Posts
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