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New guy from CT

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Hey whats goin on guys. Always browsed here, thought I registered back in the day, but I guess it was on

Anyways, names Wes. From CT Have an 08 Sierra 3/4 ton ext cab. White.. black interior. So far tinted the front windows, installed 6kHIDs, yellow Putco fog bulbs, and have a FM40 dual out before the tire.

Going to be debadging within the next week or so....then probably save for a programer, as this damn truck has a problem of getting out of 6th gear.

Eventually also need new rims and shoes. those chrome rims aint doin it for me, and them crappy street 245 tires are justblah!! Need a front tbar crank (hear some blah about the leveling kits...) and some nice 285 ATs and ill be good to go...

This used to be my old baby years ago, god I miss her. maybe after the warrenties up, this one will go higher in the air!

Already liking the site, ya seem like a buncha of tight nit people. I like that on forums, I hate when ya get a site full of assclowns that just ruin it for everyone, know what I mean?? Anyways lots of god info I have seen already (clearing front lights) so see ya around the bend

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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