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Hey guys and gals, my name is Dan and im a fsc fanatic. I am 18, and still drive my first car, a 1993 c1500. My family has always had a fsc, from a 55 back in 75 to a 78 k30 in 2008, weve always liked em. Instead of a soccer van my mom always had a suburban, went through a few of em and eventually downsized to a trailblazer (yuk). I hAve been looking to switch over to a 4x4, as i know k10s, k5s, k1500s, etc all look badass and drive pretty darn good. Ill be living in an area with heavy snow for the next few years and would like the added security of a 4x4, plus i can get a beach pass then or even plow to make some money. Sorry for the rant, glad to be here, always looked never participated until now

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