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New Guy needs Help with suspension

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I know everyone has asked a million times about this but, everyone has a different opinion on this. My problem is first I have alot of popping in my suspension, sounds like ball joints. I have stock upper a-arms flipped with new ball joints from autozone. I have stock lower a-arms with ball joints flipped from AIM. The rubbers around the lower balljoints are already all cracked up and look 10 years old. The spindles came from AIM and are supposedly a copy of Belltechs old style spindles. Of course they tow in when I drop it not allowing me to drive really low. So what is my best solution to get the least camber, keep my tires straight on tow end, and just all around be good for driving. I have 22x9.5 Billet Specialties on 295-30 Perellis. My bags are slams R-7 w/t lower cup and custom upper mount. I cut the factory spring cups off the frame. I am willing to buy strong arms, new spindles, whatever, I just need it right. Thanks for all the help!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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