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Hey fellas,

I just picked up a new to me 08 Silverado LT long box. Truck is pretty clean overall and will be used as my daily. Wanted a long box so I could put my bike in the back and haul it to the track with ease.

First time driving it was the 5 hour drive home and I really like this thing :favorites37:

Figure if I lowered it it would make it much easier to get my long and lowered bike into the back without a ramp that was 9 million feet long.


Any suggestions on how low I could go with it while still being able to throw my bike in the back and camping gear for the weekend? Would someday want to get a smaller enclosed trailer as well if that makes much of a difference on lowering. Also streets up here in MN suck sometimes so want it to look good but also has to handle the daily commute with no problems.

Looks like a great forum and can't wait to learn and use that search function a ton :throw:
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