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New Headunit

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I just ordered my new headunit it's a Alpine CDA 9830, I was wondering if anyone else had one, and what y'all thought about it.
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Is that the one that costs about $140? I was going to get that one but circuit city pissed me off so i left and ordered a tonno instead.
Sweet Deck, Alpine is good stuff with an awesome kinda looks like my Clarion....
NICE h/u you got there...Alpine does make some nice stuff, but i still like the button layout on my pioneers a lil better...i guess its just what im used to.
Well I have had all pioneer premiers in the past so i was wanting to try somthing different this time, and everyone says that Alpines are great units so we'll see when it gets here.
I had Pioneers forever, got a Alpine, sold my Pioneer, regretted it, returned the Alpine, never left Pioneer since
yeah, im sure if an alpine had come in my truck when i got it, i would have gotten another alpine, but i had a pioneer premeir in it, and since it lasted over 7 years, im stickin with poineer...
That's cool i just wanted somthing different
i have a cheapie alpine in my van it does what its supposed to do :head:
I have used Pioneer, Alpine, and Clarion. I love Alpine, but Pioneer is awesome. When I went to my Clarion I was even more impressed! Either of the won't go wrong.
i got a pioneer deck for like 350$ and the clip that holds the face on broke like the first day . now to change anything or turn it up i have to push the face in with one finger and change it with another...Alpine was a good choice.
well why didnt you bring it back that day?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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