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New here from Downunder

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Hi All,
Just found this forum.
I'm from Melbourne, Australia.
I drive a 98 K1500 RHD, 4x4 5.7L Suburban with a Whipple SC.
I've installed the 99+ 0411 PCM and run an EFILive custom op system.
A couple of weeks ago I blew up my 4L60E. I currently have in transit from Beaver Falls, PA a used 4L80E and transfer case, front drive shaft and 454 converter.
Any tips on the installation would be greatly appreciated?
I have the Transgo shift kit.


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Welcome, mate! We're gonna need some pictures too, sounds like a mean ride...
Thanks guys,
I just realised there was a typo in my post. It's a 98 not an 89.

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I love it! That's a clean engine bro....
it's changed a little.
Elec fans are being installed at the moment along with Marine Manifold, Hydroboost system and there is a 0411 PCM in there instead of that black box. I'm just waiting for my 4L80E to arrive and I'll do the swap (hopefully tomorrow).
throw another shrimp on the barby!
Haha, crazy seeing RHD trucks. Pics of the inside! You guys have sealed glass headlights vs plastic composites like we have?
Welcome aboard. What's the name of the place in Beaver Falls you buy the tranny from? Beaver Falls is only a hop, skip and jump from me.
looks clean man welcome to GMFS mate
Thanks for the welcome guys.
Kal, a guy had it listed on Ebay. I bought the tranny, 454 converter, 4x4 t/fer case, front drive shaft, 3' of the cooling lines and the rear yoke for $900.00 (50,000 miles).
Denaliano, the headlights are glass H4's. I have 90/100w low's and 100w high's with all4onhi (standard here). So 400w when on high.

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Welcome to the site, and that is crazy looking in RHD, but its a nice truck for sure.
welcome! i love seein' rhd vehicles.
:welcome: :gmfs:

Nice truck man. That dash looks nothing like the North American version. I'd love to visit australia someday.
Thanks guys,
I believe the dash is the same as that of a 97 Blazer.
Must have been easier to make RHD.
Ive seen plenty of cars that are RHD, but never an american made truck.
The dash is wierd. Ive got pics of a 98 with the US dash

Any chance on you being able to help me get some parts?
Parts for what?
What do you need?
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