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Hello all, another newb here.

Name's Steve, saw the link here from the 67-72chevytruck forum and I'm wondering why I didn't see this place sooner...

Anyhow, I'm pretty excited because I'm about to add #2 to my GM truck collection. I was previously commuting in my '95 caprice wagon, but found that I needed something with a few more capabilities. Tonight Im headed out to pick up my new-to-me truck, which is a '99 Sierra SLE 4X4 X-cab.

The purpose of the new truck is a daily driver, but now I can haul my project around without having to borrow my father's crewcab dually.

The project: 1987 GMC SWB. This truck is in the middle of a frame-off and is now in bodywork stages. It is a slow going project that gets held up for countless reasons it seems, but it's slowly coming together. The truck is minitubbed and caged, but maintains as stock of a look as possible. It will be full stock interior (with the acception of a few things), GM Bright white with a basically stock, yet cleaned up exterior appearance. Under the hood will reside a 406 inch smallblock chevy, and I've already collected the go-fast parts. It will be fed by a Precision T76 turbo, power transfered by a built TH-400, and power put to the ground by a truck 12-bolt, 3.43 posi, with Cal-tracs to aid in bite.

I've learned what I know from my Father and my brother. Right now I do most of my towing with my father's truck, a 97 Crewcab dually with 45K original miles. My brother just jumped into the truck game hard and heavy about 4 months ago with delivery of his new 06 crewcab duramax truck.

Anyhow, that's a bit about me, hopefully I'll fit in around here :hmm:

PS: Here's a picture of the '87 just before frame-off. I drove this truck all through highschool, in fact, it's the first vehicle I've ever owned. Pictures of the '99 will be up when I pick it up and get time to snap a few shots.

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