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Howdy all. Bought a 99 Tahoe 2 weeks ago at a price I couldn't pass up thanks to my brother. So far I have debadged it, lowered it 3/3, bolted on some 20" wheels (thanks Nick), color matched the grill, gutted the interior to clean and dye the carpet black (to cover stains-steam cleaning and stain removers didn't work) and right now am waiting for paint to dry on the door handles while I am typing this. In the near future I will be redoing the headliner, door panels and visors in matching material, shaving the roof rack and rebuilding the trasmission (due to slippage) and installing a corvette servo. Long term plans include stock floor body drop, straighten and repaint the body and recover/replace the seats. I welcome any advice, ideas and am always looking for parts. I will post pics soon.