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New Interior Shots.

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Thanks to Veronica, ChevelleChick.
Pics were taken from her shots from LFT 04.

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01GMC said:
If I drove like that and tried to turn it would rub my crotch!

:think: Wait a minute .... Ok, be right back. :rocking: :anitoof:

I wonder why I love you so much.

No they are the 2nd to newer ones. Type RF.
The new new ones are chrome.
I just got those last year.
I want the newer ones though.

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they are supposed to be better than the power series... its like their "primer" series... i haven't seen too many shops have them even in stock.

i've had an X5, sold them all for a profit:D one of my friends who is a member on the site, i forget his sn, but is running 2 10 L7s with a X5, it sounds really good.
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