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New IROK ND sizes

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The IROK ND has the same performance characteristics as the famous IROK with one difference. The IROK is a directional tread design and the IROK ND has a non-directional tread. The IROK ND has the same traction in forward and reverse that is popular in the smaller sized tires. The IROK ND uses the same famous Three Stage Lug design, scooped lugs, blade and molded siping, tighter lug pattern and sidewall traction features combined to give a smooth comfortable ride.

New sizes:

This tire probably doesn't fit most of the current trend's 18" lift and 31" tire, maybe someone can make use.
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the projected date is september so let's be honest and expect them around late november...... then you'll have your blems.

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I think they need to make a 295/70-17 and a 255/80-17!

I guess they made a short run of these a while back. I remember when Nation Tire & Wheel had some. They only came in like 285s, 265s, and 245s though. Looks like they are going for some bigger sizes this go around.


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I talked to Wade Guidry about them but he told me that they should get about 30-35k... he said they wont last like a ssr does
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