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I have gone through 3 Jenson 11.5" LCD Flat Screen Monitors. My last two have done the same thing.

They would take forever to turn on. Then they would not show any picture. There would be just colored lines all across the screen. After the monitor was turned off and on a few times. It would work fine for a few minutes and just totally shut off. And never power up again.

I had one already replaced with Warrenty. But now they will not replace the last one. Since they think it may be due to "Improper Use":think:

Instead of arguing with them forever and getting nothing out of it. I am just going to say fuck Jenson and their shitty customer service.

So what are some other alternatives to some 10-11.5" LCD Flat Screens on the market?

This will take place of what I had in my dash. Now I have a large hole in it. And it is bugging me....alot.

This is what it looked like before.

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