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My name is Hector (heck)
I've been looking at this site for a couple of days and decided to join (finally).

A little about my truck...
i have an '03 Blue Yukon.
I have a couple things done to it but nothing big yet.
It has 24" Dub Bellagio Rims/Spinners.
Maxima HID Kit for the Low beams
Audi HID kit for Fog Lights
Denali wannabe grille (trying to purchase an OEM grille from a denali)
"Chrome" Door handles and Gas Tank

That's mostly it. I'll have some pictures soon.

Some things I'm Looking to purchase.......
I want to add a Sound System w/ New Radio, New speakers, and Some Sub woofers (12"s) with a custom box to fif in the back. Also looking to put 2 7" t.v.s in the headrest and connect my xbox.
If anyone has a GOOD hookup with these parts and is close to Jersey, Please let me know

I don't own a lowrider
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Welcome to! Your truck sounds very nice, wouldn't mind seeing some photos soon. As for a system, it can be as crazy as you want, by the sounds of the outside of the truck, it'll be pretty wild :head:


'03 Silvy
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Sounds like a sweet ride... post some pics when ya get a chance.
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