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NEW MEMBER (Pix of my Truck)

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More work to come...Going to go ahead and update the front clip,body drop,paint.....Hope to have it done fully by next year...:hmm:
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looks good, what color silver is that?
The paint is from a 2002 Voltswagon Jetta...

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dude, i secretly despise you!!! ive ALWAYS wanted my truck to be silver! It looks GREAT!!!!!:drool:
dAng! that's sick!!!
SICK!!! that looks awesome.
damn!....that loosk good!...i am diggin that color for sure too!..
That's a nice truck! Welcome to the site! I'm fairly new myself.
i do believe it is called reflex silver. i am going to do the same think but witha black flake. kinda like a reverse vw black magic color
Dear god, I just came.

Simply amazing. Just look at da rimZ. BlinG BlinG:drool:
that bitch is fucking sick man, the only thing i would change would be to upgrade to some 22's but other than that its perfect
thing is awesome. if it had 22's i wouldnt do a thing to it!
welcome, I award you an A+ on that paint job.. great color choice
nice truck
fuckin sick man i love that thinkin bout doing a two tone black and silver on mine...looks damn good tho
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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