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Stopped by for a few questions regarding the future $$$ the truck will need as I tried to decide between selling or keeping the truck. Decided to keep it, at least for the time being, so figured I'd post up here and say a proper hello.

2003 GMC Sierra regular cab 2wd in Carbon Metallic. Bought it new in 03, and other than the billet grill and a Dynomax dual exhaust haven't needed to, nor decided to, put much into it.

That's a changing right now as I decided to put a little $$ into her: Spyder smoked LED tail lights are on order, 2" leveling kit and Rancho RS7000 shocks are scheduled for early next month. new wheels and tires after that (narrowing down wheel choices, ATX Axe and American Racing AR902's are at the top of the list currently), and probably a new stereo to drive the Polk front speakers I put in a while back and finish blowing out the factory rears.

On the dry lake bed

Palo Duro State Park (Texas panhandle)
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