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New Mods, New Pics... lots of em'

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Just finally got some new pics of the HD with the newest string of mods. I've wanted N-Fabs and tow mirrors for sometime now and finally got motivated when I was getting the truck ready for Carlisle 2009 All-Truck Nats. back at the beginning of August. Got the steps done and installed for the show, but the mirrors didn't arrive til' we got home. Oh well, also painted the toolbox/bedrails black and ripped the old vent visors off.

Anyway... onto the pics.

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Sweetness. LWB FTW! I'd loose that grill though :imo
love it!
Thanks guys....

I've had that grille since about 03'...ol. Its been in and out of the truck more times than I can remember. I like it without when the horizontal grille bar was still chrome, but now thats its blue I'm not sure. :think:

Its easy to change out... I may try it again and see what I think...


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I love that color

Send me your hood :shake:
Looks badass. I'd ditch the side moulding. Would look clean without it.
Looks good brother
looks great. love the truck
i liked your old wheels so much better! still looks good though.
I love that color

Send me your hood :shake:
sorry. that's my hood. :shake:

truck is looking great as usual.
Man those tow mirrors are badass on there.. I need to get some for my truck and run them on it slammed :crazy: idunno about the grille but I don't like the chrome on ther :think:
Mirrors and steps look great, i say keep the blue grill but paint the surrounding aswell
Looks sick as hell, would someone ps it without the moldings? I think it might look better demolded
Thanks for the compliments everyone!

I've considered the side mouldings before and still might at some point. But, its a LONG truck and thats alot of

I know you liked the old wheels better LiftedGMC. I should've kept them as winter wheels, but I already sold them off last winter. I love that style wheel too, but it was time for a change. I've had 4 sets of those on this

Heres an old crappy photoshop I did w/out mouldings:

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Awesome color, but I'm biased.

I like it with the moldings off. Ain't nobody gonna ding your door 7 feet in the air....

Those n-fabs are sweet. Do you expect them to hold up in the winter? I like the black but was thinking I should do stainless.
Looks good man!
lovin' it
Looks great man! Maybe I'll see it riding around someday. I vote keep the moldings.
looks good man! keep the blue grille and colormatch the bumper cap... awesome lookin truck
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