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Thought I'd snap some pics since I just got my mirrors, bowtie, and tailgate handle colormatched and my taisl smoked. Oh and my other car was out so I just snapped some off with my moms crappy camera. Sorry for the poor quality.

And yea I am gonna paint my door handles, but I couldn't get em off so not this time. I'm happy though. Gimme you're opinions. :LOL:
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truck looks great. I love the bug in the background too
Should have kept my 2WD:bawl:
looks really good - Im jealous of that cali weather
Very nice truck.
one of the best obs trucks i've ever seen, cleanest for sure :bowtie:
love 'em both...ive always wanted an old bug
Truck looks good man, the tails came out sweet.
awesome obs..may i suggest replacing the headlights and parking lights for LED ones
looks good man, i like the pic with the bug

Should have kept my 2WD:bawl:
why mines 4wd and lower :crazy:
looks good
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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