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new pics got some 22s

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some pics
ya i know i need the center caps
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tight work yo, love the all white wish i had the bread to paint my truck white
i think white is ok. i just colormatched the handles and bumper but i wanna paint it a diff color in the future
Looks nice! I'd remove the tailgate cap, just because you're not running bed rails.
lose rear badges, or at least sierra and color match gmc emblem IMO Looks good though
ya i might add the rear plastic the one that bolts on there i cant take off any bages cuz they painted the truck before i bought it but the didnt remove anything so u could tell alot underneath the diff white shade so ill just have to wait til i paint it to debadge it
Nice looking wheel. Why not put the 2 with centercaps on the same side?
looks nice. how much drop do you have?
ya ill probably do the center caps both to one side til i order the rest and 7/11 drop might go lower in the future
Needs more tire
looks good man.
looks real clean man!
I think they are the Akuza Dominions
I think they are the Akuza Dominions
I second that thought.
Do those tires even have air in them? Lol. Nice truck man, looks dope. You ever gon' put some tint on it?
ya there akuza dominions and wheel i know it needs more tire but these rub up front sometimes as it is and the rear i had to roll the lip already has tint bro i recently got some
The 2's look pretty good i think.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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