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New pics of my Daily Driven Stock Floored Tahoe

1957 27
I put in over 40 hours since Friday afternoon getting this beast ready for the road. Lot of work involved and tons of things left to do.

Work done this weekend, basically a complete suspension rebuild

Rebuilt 4-link, welds were scetchy
Engine Driven Compressor
12 Gallon Tank, custom painted to match one being done now
(8) GC 450 1/2" Valves
1/2" Line, secured every foot with rubber clamps, screwed to frame
(4) Slam Specialties RS-72
Built new front cups
(2) EAI Dual needle guages
EAI 7 Switch Chrome box
Door panels installed
Radio and dash installed
Pioneer 2 ways in stock speaker locations

Still to do:
Sound deadner
Exhaust work
Custom seat brackets for rear seat
Lots of stuff

Pics: Not the best in the world but they'll get you by till I get it cleaned up tonight and get in a parking lot where I can take some good shots

Locked up

Ride height

Ride height #2

Laid out
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Burning Rubber
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STOP POSTING THIS TAHOE!!!.... I am getting sick and tired of leaning the drool off my keyboard..
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