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new pics of truck

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finally got some pics of the truck so here they are

still a work in progress need get my shit painted and new bumper. but i figured since i got the full real deal denali clip just traded it for my truck, frame horns and was aa pretty good deal. plan on bagging soon.
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do you plan on gettin a new front bumper? or leavin that middle section out? nice start tho
new denali bumper soon to come i assure u that and paint also should be happening pretty soon.
nioce work
anyone know where i can get a new deanli bumper cover thats not so damn expensive?? shit starting to piss me off
Excuse me, but i noticed that there is a big ass hole in your bumper. Is that to produce more air induction for horsepower?

Looks good and I'm sure it will look even better when its painted
Trucks lookin good. Im thinkin of gettin a cowl hood. What color ya gonna paint it?
right now its just going back black...later either gonna 2 tone it or lamborghini blue with ghost flames dunno yet tho
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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