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I promised that I would let you know the firm release date for the new Roll-X now known as the RevolverX2. The OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE IS 5/11! I have been authorized to start accepting pre-orders as of today for shipment on 5/11. MAP price will stay the same ad the Roll-X at $899. Our GMFS Forum Member price will be lower. :favorites37:

Please call or chat me up for more details 800 653-7089 ext. 704

The improvements to the RevolverX2 are listed below:

1) Larger 3/4" Locking Rails

a. Roll-X is 3/8” vs. Revolver X2 is 3/4" - Now Double the size for trouble free locking and superior off highway performance

b. Patented locking rail mechanically secures the cover the full length of bed (No Velcro!)

2) New Heavy Duty Locking Levers

a. Gussets reinforce the locking lever combined with thicker material used for added strength and to ensure latching every time.

3) Tail Panel Extrusion is made from 1 piece that Integrates Slam Latch mounting

a. Adds strength and provide consistent manufacturing placement of the latch on all systems.

4) New Mounting Plates

a. Plates are now formed to position bundle at the proper height without the need of shims

b. Plates now have a vertical standoff at bulkhead side for properly aligning the rails. Simply push the rail all the way forward until the rail bottoms out at the bulkhead (remove bumper if vehicle has a drop in liner). Consistent install method to BAKFlip now.

5) New Buckle Straps

a. Strap is now mounted to a mounting clamp on lower part of rail to remove rivets from the rail channel which caused a “bump” towards cab on the cover on certain applications

b. Buckle ends act as bumper at front of cover to prevent the bundle from shifting forward and touching the glass

6) Angle Shims and Spacer Shims now all pre-installed at the factory

a. No more guess work on what shims you need and where to place them. These will be pre-installed at the factory on all applications for an easy, hassle free and quick install.

7) Hassle Free Latching

a. Proper geometry has been designed into the locking rails. If the cover fits between the rails the cover will latch…period. Prior model required the rails to be perfectly level to ensure the cover would not bind.
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Revolver x2 began shipping yesterday 6/10

I am ecstatic to inform you that TonneauFactoryOutlet's RevolverX2 shipments began shipping yesterday 6/10 All pre-orders placed through 6/2 will be shipping today and tomorrow. All of next weeks production will be going to warehouse stocking customers ONLY.

Individual drop ship orders will begin shipping again on 6/22. Bak can only make 75 Revolver covers a day, so please be patient as this extraordinary new cover becomes more readily available. You pre-order customers are looking very smart right now, even the ones who will not ship until the 22nd.

I am sure full customer reviews for the new Revolver X2 will begin showing up here soon......

Thanks for all of your support!:bowroflwerd6::bowroflwerd6:



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