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New roller's: 33's & 20's, 06 2500HD CC

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Just got my wheels/tires on.

TB's are cranked, not losing any ride quality. Rubs a little at full turn, but the front bumper and valance was already cut out. I'll probably do something different like a leveling kit or the 4" Cognito, but this is it for now.

33X12.50X20 Toyo M/T's
20X10 Eagle 114's with -21mm BS

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33's and 20's who does that?? No, seriously??:crazy:

Looks good, I can't believe those rub, but your wheels must have more offset than mine.
get some green keys, should get some more lift out the front
Damn, looks good!!!!

Nice and fat. :evil:
looks perfect. verrry clean truck you've got there
I had my doubts when I first saw the title, but wow man, that looks awesome! :head:
Thanks guys...

I've got a set of green keys at the dealer waiting for me. I wanted to get the wheels on to see how much more it needed before I spent money on something I didn't need.
I thought your white truck was awesome, but this one is even better.
that look tight. you plan on colormatching the other plastics?
nice setup you got. Im guessing you went with 20s from the start so you wont have to buy new ones later?
that look tight. you plan on colormatching the other plastics?
Maybe the top of the front bumper. Not too sure about the mirrors yet. I saw a truck that's the same color today with the bumper cap painted from the factory and looked real good. Think I might try to find that.

GMC00Z: I probably won't lift it high enough to need bigger tires.
looks good john, is it 2wd or 4wd??
Thanks... It's a fo X fo :crazy:
1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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