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Im guessing this would be the place to post this, a good friend of mine is getting back into the game. Its called Street Level Creations he is based out of St.Catharines Ontario, he caters to everything and anything. His shop has 3 lifts and even a dyno for some of you muscle heads. He used to be big in the air ride scene, he was the one who bagged my van. His work is simply amazing, he is a certified welder and fabricater unlike some of the chop shops out there. If you need anything from rims for your daily, imports, parts for your 4x4 right up to custom one off air ride setups for your mini trucks give him a call.

Chris Siddal
Street Level Creations
5 Perma Crt Unit #1
St.Catharines Ontario Canada
L2R 7K8
[email protected]
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