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Hi Guys,

We just finished our New Grill Insert for the 2007-09 Sierra and 2008-09 Sierra Denali. The hole pattern for both replicates the Sierra Denali and gets rid of the ugly gmc logo.
They are available in both the Highly Polished Stainless Steel and our Classic Black 2 stage powder coat finish. I will have pics of the black version soon. Yes, we are working on the HD and Bumper Insert.

If you have this version Sierra or know a friend with one, please tell them I am putting together a Forum Group Discount program. My goal is to have at least 12 of each finish sold in order to offer the discount.
So please E-Mail me at [email protected] with your serious intent to purchase one of these Grill Inserts. With this quantity I can get the Stainless version from $329. down to $295. and the Classic Black version from $229. to $199.00, Plus UPS+Insurance

About our products: Made in USA! We buy factory grill shells, make the patterns, have sample parts made and fit them to the grill shell. We use a hem tab design, patent pending for this application, that wraps around the back of the grill shell while utilizing the lip in the front of the grill shell to rest up on. No glue, screws, clips, bolts... We also have a nice piece of weather strip that goes around the Grill Insert. Very clean, great fit and finish and worth every penny. It costs a little bit more to make it this way, but the look, fit & finish are superb.
We remove the grill bars on all Sierra's & Yukon's, which can be glued back in if needed. The Denali's will have the center chromed hole area pulled out, which can be reinstalled without anyone knowing. So our Grill Inserts sit further back in the grill frame and give it a clean look.

We have been in business since 2004 when I bought my new Denali XL and could not stand the gmc logo and had to remove it. I have been in the manufacturing arena all my live and have worked on a wide array of projects including Co-Designing & Building Olympic USA BobSleds.

Please take a look at our website

Thanks, Phillip
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