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So I just bought some new spider and side gears for my 2000 Silverado because the previous owner toasted them. I don't know they were still together. I had pictures but my dad's gone and lost the camera. :banghead:

So I bought new one off Summit racing, they're Superior 82-2022.

They are the exact dimensions as my old gears, and 30 spline and everything matches up except the tooth count. My old ones had 15 and 11 teeth, and the new ones have 13 and 9 teeth.

Now if my logic is correct, this shouldn't make a difference. All that should mean is that the when the wheels are spinning at different speeds one will spin a tiny bit slower (or faster, whichever it is) with the new gears in.

Looking for input to make sure I'm not gonna blow up my truck or something when I put these in tomorrow.. :Grenade:

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im thinking that the 13 tooth gears are going to be the ones on the splined end of the axle and the 9 tooth gears will be held into the case with the big pin in the middle. the wheels will spin at what ever speed they need to, the gears will have no affect on which one goes faster, the only time one tire spins faster is through a corner. the tire on the outside of the turn, the tire with a longer radius has a larger circumference to travel than the inside, so it will spin faster.

or if you are sitting still pullin a one tire fire, while wishing you had bought a posi, one tire will definitely be spinning faster.
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