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New superlift 4" to 6" lift what do you think

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Have any of you seen the new Superlift 4" to 6" bolt on lift? Iread that you do not need to cut or weld anything at all on this lift. I am wanting to get a good lift and try to put it on my self and this seems like the one to try. I am not being cheap but I live in Alaska and 4X4 shops want around $ 1,000 just for labor to lift my truck. What do you all think of it?
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which lift are you talking about? they've got a couple different styles...but if i were you, look into some other companies like CST, Rancho, or RCD ( I was thinking about running the Superlift "FIT" kit on my truck but from what I've read, it wouldn't be a smart choice. So I'm probably gonna run an RCD when i get one. Just my opinion...hope everything works out for ya
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